LAVAR performances

Artiestennaam: LAVAR performances
Bedrijfsnaam: LAVAR performances
Eigen naam: Albert-Jan Appeldoorn
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LAVAR performances was established in 2012 and it is an innovative off-stage theatre organization with many years of experience performing nation- and worldwide. We aim at creating unique and interactive roaming acts, ensuring the involvement and the interest of all-age-audience and deliver vibrancy to any event. We do this by combining different disciplines (theatre and improvisation, puppetry, costume making, music, stilt-walking) and re-creating mind blowing atmospheres through stunning characters, bright and detailed costumes, live music and professional performers.

Our acts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events – music/food/art and street-theatre festivals, expos and fairs, corporate events and private parties as well as city parades and seasonal entertainment, shopping malls, store openings and all kind of events.

If you have in mind a different theme or concept, the acts can be adapted to your needs.
We can also create a brand new costume suitable for your event – contact us to discuss options.

Telefoon: 0031 (0)6 26 432 291
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